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Blessing of the Animals Service
 It was back in 1959 that Krypto the Super Dog
was befriended by Superman.
Although the animals in our lives may not be quite as famous,
each of them has their own superpowers that bless our lives.
In recognition of all the gifts that animals share to make our lives and our world a better place, St. David’s United would like to provide
an opportunity to reflect those blessings back.

On Sunday, October 28th, we invite you to recognize your pets (and/or your favorite stuffed animal) to have them blessed.
Whether it's for divine protection over them or thanking God for
all they are and all they do in your life,
"It's about recognizing that animals are a part of our world, and
a very important part of our world." 

If your pet does not “play well with others,” please bring a picture and we will say a blessing for them.  We ask that birds be kept in cages and dogs and cats kept on a leash or in their
safe pet home cage.  

Please join on this special day as we honor
our faithful animal superheroes.

October 28, 2018

Animals as Super Heroes

Doves & Donkeys
October 14 - 21, 2018


The Making of a Super Hero

Outside and In
September 9 - 30, 2018


Ice Cream Sunday and Registration

September 9, 2018 is...

Ice Cream Sunday!

On this "Gathering" Sunday, after we play some welcome back games, we invite all to join together to eat ice cream, to visit, and for the children to register for our
Faith Quest Program.

We hope to see you starting at 10:00 am!


Spiritual Practice #22

Time change for Christmas Eve...

12/17/17 is Movie Day!